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About Heritage Nature Reserve

Between the infinite blue of the Indian Ocean and the emerald green endemic forests of the South lies Heritage Nature Reserve: some 1,300 hectares of pristine vegetation and breathtaking views. Nestled in the Domaine de Bel Ombre, Heritage invites you to reconnect with nature while exploring the many treasures of the Mauritian biodiversity.

The Bel Ombre Sugar Mill Story

The creation of Heritage Estate in 1823 was followed by the construction of a sugar factory of the same name in 1851. Although the property of approximately 121 hectares distinguished itself as one of the best in the region, the factory shut down in 1874 due to its remote location. From that year, its harvest was processed at the Bel Ombre sugar mill.

Cane cultivation continued until the early 2000’s, when an extensive reforestation programme started and Heritage Nature Reserve was created. A relic of the past, Heritage’s chimney still stands majestically in the middle of the lush vegetation.

The Rich Natural Heritage of Heritage

The 1,300 hectares that compose the reserve are full of combining hilly landscapes, rolling plains and waterfalls. From sugar cane fields on the coastline to higher lands wrapped in their green coat, Heritage is filled with life. While Java deers gracefully parade in vast lower plains, the upper wetlands shelter a great number of rare plants and birds. Some fortunate guests may even catch sight of the Mauritian bulbul or the Echo Parakeet, saved in extremis from the brink of extinction by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.

In collaboration with the Mauritian wildlife Foundation and the local authorities,Heritage’s heritage definitely holds something of utmost importance ready to be explored.


Conservation and Ecotourism in Mauritius

One of the objectives of the Heritage Nature Reserve is to preserve and promote Mauritius’ unique biodiversity. It is about time we do something to protect the sector of ecotourism in Mauritius. Therefore, together with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, our team has spearheaded numerous conservation projects to protect its fragile ecosystem.

Visitors are invited to commune with nature as they break through the luxuriant vegetation and come across rare endemic beauties. Heritage offers various activities which will allow our visitors to delve into timeless natural landscapes.