Quad and Buggy

Quad and Buggy

Swift, powerful and comfortable, our quads and buggies are ideal for adventurous and thrill-seeking visitors. Start off in a natural setting, with breathtaking waterfalls and rivers along the south coast of Mauritius within a rich and diversified environment.

Discovery Trail

The Discovery Trail is our most popular trail. During this 2 hours all-inclusive tour of Heritage, adventurers will discover a rich diversity of landscapes and wildlife.

Sentiers Goyaves

Sentier Goyaves is best suited for adventurous and seasoned drivers due to its steeper slopes. As you go deeper into the nature reserve, you will make contact with a vast vegetation and endemic bird species such as; the Pink Pigeon, the Mauritius Black Bulbul or the Mauritius Kestrel. The most memorable part of this route is the spectacular view over the Domaine de Bel Ombre , some 2500 hectares in the south-west of Mauritius, stretching from the mountains to the turquoise lagoon. As an additional bonus, you can take a tip into the Hirondelles Waterfall.

Dalsing Plains

Once you have been through Sentiers Goyaves, set off on a fairly flat path through the sugar cane fields. Further on, drive past a fish pond towards the fascinating ruins of Heritage’s old sugar mill situated at the brink of Dalsing plains. It is home to a various wild animals in Mauritius. Explorers will be mesmerized by panoramic view over the nature reserve and the coastline. Finally, only a few steps away, our bikers can take a refreshing dip in the natural rock pool of L’Exemple Waterfall, before heading back.

Adventure Trail

With a combination of trekking and motor sports, this 3½ hours adventure trail allows you to discover one of the most refreshing sceneries on the island.

Drive through the sugar cane fields along the amazing coastline, towards the Dalsing plains on higher grounds to discover enchanting waterfalls and streams. The adventure trail is where enthusiasts can learn more about the ecotourism in Mauritius and the history behind the hidden treasures of the island.

As you drive down to lower grounds, there are various species to discover, and one of the most unique specie is the Java deer. This trail is to meet the expectations of our visitors for a memorable moment. Further into the nature reserve, Heritage offers a unique feel about Mauritian biodiversity comprising of various endemic plants.